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Don’t Like What’s Happening in Government? Do Something About It!

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Don’t Like What’s Happening in Government?

Do Something About It!

We often hear people complaining about government. While we need to watch what government does and voice our opposition to harmful policy, if we really want to make a difference, we must get involved in the political process! We must be registered to vote, and we must actively support the election of conservative candidates.

Are you as tired as I am at seeing liberal candidates whose policies are destroying our cities, counties, states, and nation get elected? Are you tired of seeing your God given rights trampled? Are you tired of seeing good, conservative candidates and the values we hold dear lose? Then, you must turn off the TV, get off of your couch, and join me in campaigning for conservative candidates. I’ll tell you how you can be involved below, but first, let’s look at the candidates.

The Candidates

We have several conservative candidates running for local, state, and national positions. Of those that I endorsed or supported in the primary, we have the following:

Carl Iken – Candidate for Port St Lucie City Council, District 1. I endorsed Carl because he truly believes in limited, constitutional government and shares our values.

Tod Mowery – Candidate for St Lucie County Commission, District 2. I endorsed Tod because of his conservative values.

I will announce more names and elaborate in the near future.

Tea Party Coalition Political Recommendations

Additionally, Members of the Treasure Coast Tea Party, the TEA Party Patriots of the Treasure Coast, and the Glenn Beck 9-12 Group of St Lucie County have joined together to actively support conservatives running for office. The candidates and amendments the group decided to support are as follows:

Marco Rubio – Candidate for one of Florida’s US Senate seats.

Rick Scott – Candidate for Florida Governor.

Pam Bondi – Candidate for Florida Attorney General.

Gayle Harrell – Candidate for Florida State House, District 81.

Carl Iken – Candidate for Port St Lucie City Council, District 1.

Tom Rooney – US Congress, District 16.

Tod Mowery – County Commission District 2.

No on Amendment 4.

Volunteers can choose to work on local, state, or federal races or the state constitutional amendments.

How Can You Help Elect Conservatives?

If you want to join me in electing conservative candidates, please contact the campaign directly, send me an e-mail, or comment on this post. If your home, business, or property is located on a major road, and you’d be willing to display yard signs of conservative candidates, contact the campaigns directly, or let me know.

Christian Coalition Voter Guide Distribution

I need 20 volunteers in each county to distribute Local and State Christian Coalition to local churches, synagogues, ministerial associations, and civic organizations. If you are interested in helping, please let me know.


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    • mike getlik on September 21, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    count me in to distribute voting stuff to first baptist jensen beach

  1. Thank you very much Mike.

    • Peggy Steffel on October 20, 2010 at 2:02 pm

    Very helpful!

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