Sep 30

Last Weekend to Register People to Vote

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Time is running out to register voters for the General Election. To vote in the November 2nd election, a person must be registered by October 4th, and churches can legally register their members to vote and preach on Biblical principles as the apply to government.

With the potential for many Florida races to be decided by only a few votes, YOU can make a difference by organizing a voter registration drive in your church! This is an important election. Will we elect a new Governor and U.S. Senator in Florida who hold pro-life and pro-family convictions–or not?

Action Steps You Can Take to Help:

1)      Make sure you are registered to vote: CLICK HERE ( to check your Registration Status online.

2)      Register to Vote: CLICK HERE ( to print a blank voter registration form to fill out, sign and mail or hand deliver to your Supervisor of Elections office (address is on the form). For more information about voter registration in Florida visit the Division of Elections website HERE (

3)      Ask your Pastor to promote Voter Registration this Sunday – October 3rd: Churches can hold a non-partisan voter registration. CLICK HERE ( to get information about holding a Voter Registration Event and helpful Legal Do’s and Don’ts for Churches and Pastors.

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