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Poll: Did Your Church Pass Out Voter Guides?

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Poll: Did Your Church Pass Out Voter Guides?

As we wrap up the primary election and head to the general election, I’d like to take an informal poll. Please respond to the following questions via e-mail or via posting a comment on this blog post.

  1. Did your church hold voter registration drives leading up to the primary election?
  2. Did your church pass out voter guides for state and federal candidates? If so, which voter guide?
  3. Did your church pass out voter guides for local candidates? If so, which voter guide?
  4. Have you helped register voters in the past?
  5. Did you distribute voter guides prior to the primary elections? If so, which voter guide, and who did you distribute them to?
  6. Would you be willing to register voters for future elections?
  7. Would you be interested in distributing local and state voter guides in the future?
  8. If you live in a county that doesn’t have a local voter guide, would you be willing to help produce one?

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this informal poll.

1 comment

    • Regina Christiana on November 1, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    No, They didn’t.

    Christian conservative guides are indispensable in this age of “Hidden” candidates views and histories!

    I’ve not been able to find ANY information on the “Soil & water conservation candidates” anywhere.

    They are names and faces with NO information!!! I refuse to vote for candidates cloaked in a black shroud! So they windup elected by their cronies. I have no voice.

    Can you please help with this? What kind of people are they?

    Non-Partisan ballot choices should be required to include “NON OF THE ABOVE”. If they want to run “DARK”, then we should have the option of just saying no to the lot of them.

    we need LIGHT here.


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