Oct 18

Early Voting Starts – Political & ProLife Events Today

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Early Voting Starts Today – Help Elect Conservatives!

Hear Scott Klusendorf, The Case For Life Today

Fort Pierce Utility Hearing Tonight

Endorsements and Recommendations

Local Voter Guide

Upcoming Events

Early Voting Starts Today – Help Elect Conservatives!

Early voting starts today, and the Glenn Beck 912 group will be distributing campaign literature at early voting locations in St Lucie County. (If you live in another county, please contact your local tea party or volunteer for a conservative candidate.) Conservative candidates need your help to win. Could you volunteer to fill a two hour shift at the early voting polls? To volunteer, comment on this post. We need to take back our country, state, county, and city. To do so, we need to get off the couch and work!

To see the list of candidates and amendments the Glenn Beck 912 is focusing on, view: http://bryanlongworth.com/2010/09/21/dont-like-whats-happening-in-government-do-something-about-it/

Author Scott Klusendorf, The Case for Life Today

Equipping  Christians to Engage the Culture
Date: October 18, 2010
Place: Kight Center, Bldg. V Room 110, IRSC, Ft. Pierce Campus
Time: 1:00 pm—2: 30 pm
Bring a friend to share the TRUTH with!

for more information call or email:
Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin  772-924-1154
Sue Chess (Care Net)  772-871-2211
Elsie Mokoban 772-559-8325

Fort Pierce Utilities Hearing – Tonight



Date: OCTOBER 18, 2010
Time: 6:15 PM


Endorsements and Recomendations

Florida Constitutional Amendment Recomendations

Amendment 1 Yes
Amendment 2 – Yes
Amendment 4 – No
Amendments 5 & 6 – No
Amendment 8 – Yes
Nonbinding Statewide Advisory Referendum – Yes.

To view my full rationale behind my recomendations, visit: http://bryanlongworth.com/2010/10/16/florida-constitutional-amendment-recomendations/

Local Candidates

Port Saint Lucie City Council District 1 – Endorse Carl Iken

Local 2010 General Election Voter Guides for Saint Lucie County are ready for distribution!

Visit http://www.flvotesvalues.com/voter_guides/fl/st_lucie_county/2010-slc-fl-general-voter-guide.pdf to download and print the voter guide. When viewing online, you can also click on each candidate’s answers to see his/her complete questionnaire. Please print the voter guides and pass them out to your friends, family, and neighbors; ask your pastor and church leadership to pass out the voter guides at church; and let me know if your church is passing out the voter guides by sending me an e-mail at bryan@bryanlongworth.com or commenting on this message online.

It is fully legal for churches to pass out non partisan voter guides that inform their members about where the candidates stand on the issues. Visit (http://www.lc.org/index.cfm?PID=16245#pastors) to learn what pastors and churches can legally do in regards to voter registration, voter guides, and other activities.

Upcoming ProLife Events

40 Days for Life

It’s not too late to sign up to pray at home or at the abortuary, or fast during 40 Days. Nationwide, 317 women and children have been saved from the horrors of abortion! In Fort Pierce, abortion numbers are down! Sign up at www.40daysforlife.com/stlucie or jimthoma@comcast.net (772-240-6186). You can also RSVP at Facebook. We have over 100 people participating so far, but can always use more. Click here (http://www.sohltc.com/flyers/abortion-woman-preborn/Abortion-Prayer-Guidlines.pdf) for a list of guidelines for those involved with 40 Days for Life.

More ProLife Events and News

Visit http://www.SOHLTC.com for more prolife events and news.

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