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Come Hear a Conservative, ProLife, Black Woman, Lt. Governor Candidate Jennifer Carroll in SLW Tuesday

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Come Hear a Conservative, ProLife, Black Woman, Lt. Governor Candidate Jennifer Carroll in SLW Tuesday

We are pleased to announce that Jennifer Carroll has accepted the invitation extended by Mary Ann Russell, Vice President of the Lipstick Republicans and the St Lucie County Chair for the Rick Scott /Jennifer Carroll Campaign to speak at our next Lipstick Republicans Club Meeting.

Details of the Event:
Special Day, Time and Location:
Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Social: 11:30
Lunch: 12:30
The Legacy Golf & Tennis Club
9000 Clubhouse Drive
Port St Lucie, FL
Cost for the Luncheon is $25
Reservations are required and seating is limited. Please contact Mary Ann Russell no later than Saturday, October 9th
at (772)621-7836.
Or email your reservation to lipstickrepublicans@gmail.com


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    • Jim Ketchum on October 11, 2010 at 5:38 pm


    As I posted earlier on your Facebook page, what are Mrs. Carroll’s Biblical qualifications for civil office?

    Jim K.

  1. Jim,
    Your question implies that women are not Biblically qualified for civil office. I know of no Biblical prohibition of women serving in office, and although most political leaders in the Bible were men, God did raise up Debra as a judge in Israel. Did God violate Biblical principal? If you want to see more men in politics, you need to encourage men to get involved in the political process. A good place to start would be to make sure that men register to vote, study the issues, and get out and vote. The fact is that women comprise over 54% of the voters. Some women will vote for a woman candidate over a man without considering any of the issues. In a race where a male candidate is running against a female candidate, he must take this into consideration. This is why John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate and why Rich Scott chose Jennifer Carol as his running mate. The fact that Carol is ProLife, Conservative, and Black are also important in attracting voters.

    • Jim Ketchum on October 13, 2010 at 6:25 pm


    Thank you for replying to my question. I respond to your comment about the lack of Biblical prohibition against women being in positions of authority over men with this: Who did God create first to have authority over earth, Adam or Eve?

    As to your agrument that God raised up Deborah, the only reason Deborah was in the position of authority to judge in Israel was because the land was under His judgment. Even she submitted to Godly ordained authority when the time came.

    I’m sorry, Bryan, but you cannot appeal to me with human reasoning that women have the authority from God to rule in any area of life over men, except as an instrument of His judgment. That many evangelicals in America and Europe have allowed women to have familial, ecclesiastical, and civil authority over men is a clear sign of God’s righteous wrath upon us (Isaiah 3:12).

    With respect to your exhortation to me to get men discipled to vote, what about discipling them to know God’s Word first, and then educating them not to commit evil in His sight by establishing any non-Biblically qualified person to rule over them? Let me ask this: How are you, as a pastor of God’s flock, leading men to a right and proper application of God’s commandments by appealing to human reasoning instead of His Word?

    Jennifer Carroll may be a fine, Christian woman, but since when does that make her Biblically qualified to have authority over men? The Church needs to proclaim the truth of God’s Word that we are to set over us rulers He proclaims Biblically qualified to rule a nation (Exodus 18:21, Deuteronomy 17, I Timothy 2). Until then He will continue to let us do what is right in our own eyes, and we will continue to be blessed of Him with His righteous judgment. The standing order from Christ is to disciple the nations to obey His commandments (Matthew 28:18-20). The American church is not doing so. That’s why God will not allow us to win in any of the issues we are facing as a nation, because we have cast His Law behind us (Psalm 50:16-23).

    May God be glorified to deliver our lawless country from His judgment, as we are enabled of Him to submit to His righteous Law (Psalms 119:45).

    In Christ,

    Jim Ketchum

    • Jim Ketchum on October 13, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    BTW, Bryan the same type of argumentation you used to support your claim that women are not prohibited from the Word of God to have civil authority over men is the same type of reasoning the wicked use to justify the murder of the preborn, sodomy, and all the other sins consuming our nation..

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