May 26

Now is the Time to Impact the Next Election! Tea Party Meeting Tonight

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Every election cycle, I receive a barrage of phone calls and emails from voters wanting to know where the candidates stand on the issues. I enjoy these calls because it shows me these citizens care enough to make informed decisions over who they vote for. I think we all agree that we need more informed voters and fewer voters voting based on party, skin color, ethnicity, etc. (I’m sure you remember the exit poll video where Obama voters showed their lack of knowledge of the current political leaders and the video where Obama voters said they voted for him because of his prolife stance and that they liked his choice of Sarah Palin as Vice President.)

If you wish to not only make an informed decision at the ballot box but also impact who wins the next election, now is the time to get involved! Moreover, by getting involved now, you can play a role in the candidates voters choose from in the general election. How so? By getting involved now, you can impact who wins the primary elections. You see, voting in November means little if our choices are a big government candidate for the Republican Party and a bigger government candidate for the Democratic Party.

After the primary of 2006, a group of St Lucie County residents saw the need to inform voters on where the candidates stood on the issues such as pro-life, taxation, border security, school choice, and pornography to name a few, so we resurrected the local edition of the Christian Coalition voters guide. That year, we produced a local voter guide and distributed over 6,000 state voter guides. In 2008, we produced local primary and general election Christian Coalition Voter Guides and distributed over 12,000 state voter guides. In 2010, we again produced local primary and general election Christian Coalition Voter Guides and distributed over 25,000 state voter guides. The state and local voter guides gave voters the opportunity to know where the candidate stand on traditional moral values.

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In 2009, the TEA Party movement spread across the country and ignited brush fires in the minds of men that haven’t been seen in America since the days of Samual and John Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Benjamin Rush, and other founding fathers. Tired of Tarp 1 and 2, government bailouts of banks, financial institutions, the auto industry, and fearful of Obama Care, Cap and Trade, FOCA (Freedom of Choice Act), and more, ordinary citizens educated themselves on the constitution and started holding politicians accountable for their votes. Many of these patriots participated in the 2010 elections as well by running for office or helping someone who ran. In St Lucie County, a group of dedicated Tea Party Members sought to take our country back in the general election by calling churches, registering voters, knocking on over 5,000 doors, passing out literature at early voting, and holding signs for candidates at polling locations. This group accomplished more than the local Republican and Democratic Parties combined! As a result, all but one of their endorses candidates won the general election! In 2012, this group will do even more, and will begin in the primary election cycle to play a role in determining who represents each party in the general election.

In 2012, voters will vote for City Council members, County Commissioners, School Board Members, Representatives and Senators at the statewide and national levels, and the President of the United States. The stakes are high. I believe we may have only one or two more election cycles left before we pass the point of no return in this country. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and watch liberals from both parties ruin our cities, county, state, and nation! We must rise up and take our country back!

I want to invite St Lucie County residents to tonight’s Saint Lucie 912 Group meeting at Norris’s Famous Place for Ribs Restaurant at 6598 S US 1, Port St. Lucie, FL. (View a a map here.) Dinner starts at 5:30 PM with the meeting beginning at 6:45 PM. If you live in St Lucie County and want to make a difference in the 2012 election cycle, attend this meeting!  Join me tomorrow as we work to take back our country!

If you live in another county, please get together with like minded patriots and work to take your county, state, and country back! We need volunteers to

  • Produce and Distribute Christian Coalition Voter Guides,
  • Register Legal Citizens to Vote,
  • Contact Churches, Tea Party Groups, and Civic Organizations,
  • Vet Candidates and/or Run for Office,
  • Distribute Campaign Literature and Volunteer in Campaigns to help conservatives win!

Together, we can take back America!

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