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Jul 12

Personhood FL ProLife PAC Invites Candidates for Federal, State, District, and Local Races to Seek Endorsement

Personhood FL ProLife PAC today contacted candidates running for federal, state, district wide, and local races to seek endorsement based on their prolife stance. Candidates seeking endorsement should visit Personhood FL ProLife PAC’s candidate page and follow the instructions. In 2012, Personhood FL ProLife PAC endorsed over 80 candidates for federal, state, and local offices …

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Nov 02

Let’s Take Back Our Country! Get Out and Vote!

Let’s Take Back Our Country! Get Out and Vote!
Personal Endorsements and Recommendations!
I’ve prepared a sample ballot with my recommendations for federal, state, constitutional, judges, and Saint Lucie County races for your convenience.
Florida Supreme Court and 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th District Court of Appeals Judges Up for Retention.
More Info on Florida Constitutional Amendment Recommendations.
Candidate Endorsements and Support Detailed Info.

Oct 31

Last Sunday to Distribute Christian Coalition Voter Guides!

Today is the last Sunday to Distribute Voter Guides before the election! Most Saint Lucie County churches and some Indian River County churches received packets of the Florida Christian Coalition Voter Guide. Each packet also contains a letter to the pastor explaining the voter guides and the Biblical reasons for informing church members of what the Bible says about issues and where the candidates stand on the issues. (Read a copy of the letter here: http://bryanlongworth.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/20101028-Pastors-Voter-Guide-Letter.pdf.) St Lucie County churches also received one copy of the St. Lucie County Christian Coalition Voter Guide to duplicate for their congregation. Please distribute voter guides in church today.

Sep 23

40 Days to Vote – Endorsement – Campaign Fundraiser

In 40 Days we will vote on candidates and amendments that provide the opportunity to fundamentally change our cities, counties, states, and nation, for the better or for the worse. (We’ve seen plenty of the former type of change lately.) To aid you in your selection of candidates and amendments, we will soon have state Christian Coalition Voter Guides available for all counties and local Christian Coalition voter guides available for St Lucie County. I will also endorse or support local, state, and federal candidates and take positions on the proposed constitutional amendments. Today, I announce my endorsement and a campaign fundraiser for the candidate I endorse in Port St Lucie City Council, District 1.

Aug 09

15 Days to Vote – Support Conservative Candidates, Saint Lucie County, FL!

Early voting starts today and Election Day is only 15 days away. Thankfully, we have several resources to help us decide who to vote for. I am happy to inform you that local Christian Coalition Voter Guides are available for St Lucie County at www.FLVotesValues.com. I also expect state Christian Coalition Voter Guides for Indian River, St Lucie, Martin, and all other Florida counties to be available later today at http://www.ccfla.org/guides.php. St Lucie County voters may also wish to view the League of Women Voters forum and the St Lucie Chamber of Commerce Candidate Questionnaire. I encourage you to utilize these resources to educate yourself on where the candidates stand on the issues.
Several have asked me to provide a list of candidates I’m endorsing and/or supporting in the primary election. I am going to provide this list for State and St Lucie County Races.

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