Tag: Returning to God

Mar 27

Don’t Miss Monumental – One Day Only! Tuesday, March 27

We are in a quest to end abortion and protect all innocent human life, we realize that to see that protection become reality by law and by love, we must return to God. A nation that will not honor God and His commandments will not honor preborn children, seniors, or the disabled created in His image. Kirk Cameron’s movie Monumental is all about returning to God in word and deed. I urge you to see monumental and pray that God grants us a spirit of repentance so that we might turn from our wicked ways.

When’s the last time you saw a Christian film that really breaks the mold of a Christian film? When’s the last time you saw a truly Gospel centered film that left you educated and encouraged in the work of God, but also inspired as an artist?

If you’re scratching your head, you need to watch Monumental.

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