Aug 13

You Can Vote Twice Tomorrow! Learn How Here!

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Vote ProLife

Vote ProLife

Wouldn’t you love to vote twice tomorrow? Well, you can! Obviously, you can’t physically vote twice without breaking the law, and I’m not encouraging you to do so. You can multiply your vote tomorrow however. How? Read below.

Chances are: someone you know who is a registered FL voter who isn’t going to vote tomorrow. If you can convince them to vote, you can multiply your vote. You also likely know someone who doesn’t know who the candidates are and what they stand for. If you can educate them on where the candidates stand on the issues, you can multiply your vote.

I’ve worked diligently to provide voter guides to help voters determine where the candidates stand of the issues, and I’ve even created a convenient post card with a list of endorsed and recommended candidates.

Download the list of endorsed candidates for US Senate, St Lucie, and Martin County: 2012 Primary Candidate Endorsements & Recommendations Post Card. The list is in a convenient post card that prints 4 per page. Print out one or more pages, cut the cards, share them with friends, and take one with you to vote. Note: check the Florida Votes Values Voter Guide for differences between the endorsed candidates in the St Lucie County Commission District 5 race.

View Personhood FL ProLife PAC ProLife Endorsements covering federal, state, and local races throughout Florida. All endorsed candidates affirmed a comprehensive set of prolife principles covering not only abortion but also abortion funding, RU-486, fetal stem cell research, human cloning, fetal tissue research, and assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Download the Florida Family Policy Council Voter Guide covering Federal and State races throughout Florida.

Download the Florida Votes Values Voter Guide covering races in Saint Lucie County, Port St Lucie, and Ft Pierce, Florida.

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