Mar 27

Don’t Miss Monumental – One Day Only! Tuesday, March 27

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We are in a quest to end abortion and protect all innocent human life, we realize that to see that protection become reality by law and by love, we must return to God. A nation that will not honor God and His commandments will not honor preborn children, seniors, or the disabled created in His image. Kirk Cameron’s movie Monumental is all about returning to God in word and deed. I urge you to see monumental and pray that God grants us a spirit of repentance so that we might turn from our wicked ways. Please read the following review sent to me by our friend John Bona who runs the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast and is the executive producer of Monumental.

You can get your tickets for Monumental at, but hurry fast because theaters are already selling out all across the country.

When’s the last time you saw a Christian film that really breaks the mold of a Christian film? When’s the last time you saw a truly Gospel centered film that left you educated and encouraged in the work of God, but also inspired as an artist?

If you’re scratching your head, you need to watch Monumental.

Recently Crown Rights Media was given an exclusive preview of Kirk Cameron’s newest documentary ‘Monumental.’ ‘Monumental’ is wonderfully crafted and intense cinematic documentary that asks us to look to the stones laid down by our ancestors to remind us of our nation’s first settlers and Godly heritage.

(By the way, just so you know, I’m determined to write a review of Monumental, without using the word Monumental as an adjective.)

The problem with Christian films is that most of the time they are halfway done. They lack Gospel centrality, or quality production. Those with solid content are painful to sit through and films that are fun to watch have almost no Gospel.

It seems as if most Christian filmmakers forget that we serve both a God of truth and creativity.

Monumental Movie Review Kirk Cameron

Monumental Movie Review

A lot of documentaries contain boring B-roll to simply cover up interview cuts. Yet in Monumental the B-Roll actually immerses you in the story and consists of amazing cinematography. The sound design is probably some of the best I have seen in any documentary (I watch tons of documentaries.) It’s emotional, purposeful, and intense.

Not only that, but this film breaks all the rules of film school and not in a way that leaves you writing a letter demanding that the student find another major. Instead it breaks rules in a way that is gorgeous and elegant. It should challenge film makers, Christians or not, on how to better tell stories with their lens.

Ask yourself this, how many times do you get to say that a Christian film is better than most of the world’s? Not many. Which is why I stand by my original tweet about this film. It’s a precious and rare jewel in Christian film making. Monumental gives one hope not only in the future of our Nation and the power of the Gospel to change the world…but it also gives one hope in Christian arts and because of that, Crown Rights Media is fully behind this production.

The movie is a one night live event on March 27th, 2012. So you may have to drive a ways to catch it. But it’s worth it. Trust me. I’ve watched it twice and will be watching it many more times.

In fact, Crown Rights Media so fully supports this film, with it’s Gospel centrality and quality production, that we will be having a viewing party…That’s right – next week!

You can get your tickets for it at, but hurry fast because theaters are already selling out all across the country.

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