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Last Day to Register to Vote! Don’t Let Someone Choose for You!

Your Vote Counts Register to Vote

Register to Vote

In America, we have the opportunity to elect our political leaders. Our founding fathers considered voting not only a right but also a duty. At the founding of this country, 100% of the citizens voted. Today, around 25% vote in general elections, and around 15% vote in primaries. And to think that our founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to establish this great country so that Americans can sit on the couch watching American Idol. Many of these same, non-voting Americans even have the nerve to complain about how the government is run! It’s time to get off of the couch, register to vote, and fulfill our duty to actively participate in the election process!

Today, Tuesday, January 3, is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming January 31 Florida Republican Presidential Preference Primary. Of course, you can register for any party of your choice or no party, but if you wish to participate in selecting the presidential candidate for the Republican party, you must be registered as a Republican no later than end of business today. Don’t stand by and let someone else choose the candidate, and by all means, don’t complain about the candidate if you don’t participate in the election process! Register to vote today! Educate yourself on where the candidates stand, and then, vote for the candidate who best represents your values!

This year we have the opportunity to nominate a prolife, pro-personhood candidate. Candidates who take a stand to support the personhood of all innocent humans are taking one of the strongest prolife stands they can possibly take. Personhood USA recently hosted the first ever Presidential Pro-life Forum. All candidates were invited to participate. Four had the courage and conviction to do so! During the forum, the participating candidates, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, each expressed their prolife convictions and grappled with issues related to the personhood of all innocent humans, including the unborn. If you’re not registered to vote yet, register now at your county’s supervisor of elections office! Then, listen to the Presidential ProLife Forum to educate yourself on where the candidates stand on our most basic right, the right to life, and vote your values! Vote for Life!

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Pastor Bryan Longworth

Pastor Bryan Longworth is the number one ranked prolifer and Tea Party Advocate on Twitter (@BryanLongworth), serves as the director of Personhood FL, a prolife organization working to pass the Florida ProLife Personhood Amendment that will end abortion in FL, as the associate pastor at Covenant Tabernacle in Port St. Lucie, FL, and as the director of SOHL, Sanctity of Human Life of the Treasure Coast. Longworth is a Wall Builders Black Robe Regiment Pastor and a Family Research Council (FRC) Watchmen on the Wall Pastor. Longworth has participated in the Alliance Defense Fund’s (ADF) Pulpit Freedom Sunday since 2010. Longworth continues to be involved in the pro-life movement and in calling the church and our nation to repentance. The church and America needs revival and reformation like never before. The blood of over 55 million children cries from the ground for vengeance, and God will avenge! God send us a true move of God lest we perish in our iniquity!

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