Sep 05

What Would You Say To Someone Who Gives Your Tax Dollars To Planned Parenthood?

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Planned Parenthood Collects Tax Dollars

Your Tax Dollars at Work!

This week, a little-known St. Lucie County taxing authority, the Children’s Services Council (CSC), is once again giving consideration to funding abortion giant Planned Parenthood (PP) with local tax dollars.

Taxpayers attending this week’s public forum at 8:15am on Sept. 8, can use the crib sheet below to formulate factual comments that can used at the forum which will be held at the CSC office, 546 NW University Blvd, Suite 201, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986 across from the entrance to Tradition Field. (View a map here.) E-mails opposing the PP funding can be sent to the CSC’s Executive Director, Sean Boyle at (Learn more here.)

• The CSC is an independent taxing authority. They can raise or lower your taxes (see your tax bill for their line item). (They should not be confused with county taxes which is a separate tax).
• The CSC collects taxes to fund a variety of childrens’ programs
• Last year they funded PP with $500,000
• PP program funding running total is over $3 million during the last few years
• PP funding does not specifically include abortions but instead primarily youth sexuality programs which do not discourage abortion.
• Thank the council members for their volunteer time and assure them that you also care about the well-being of children
• PP makes millions in profits/year so while we are suffering in this county with a broken economy we are forced to give our hard earned dollars to them.
• Alternative organizations that do not provide or advocate abortion could be found to provide similar programs removing unnecessary disagreements.
• Some PP programs funded by the CSC are already provided by the St. Lucie County Health Department
• PP routinely engages in immoral and illegal activity including :
o Assisting teenage girls in subverting parental notification laws
o Covering up statutory rape
o Accepting donations specifically to abort black babies
o Covering up child sex trafficing.
• PP is the largest provider of abortions in the world
• Many individuals who advocate PP at CSC meetings are staff members who are on payroll, not taxpayers.
• PP employees who oversee CSC funded programs have salaries that are subsidized by taxpayers while they are free to advocate abortion
• Similar programs in Martin County are no longer funded when they could not reasonably be defended or substantiated.
• Polls show that the majority of Floridians oppose funding PP with tax dollars

Local St. Lucie Tax Dollars May Again Go To Planned Parenthood.

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